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When I say go around, I literally mean every nook and cranny.

Bless the day when I partook on a trip that took me to the very edge of the south here in Cebu. Truthfully, the northern part of Cebu on my end is less explored since the south seems easier. Maybe the farthest I've gone was Sogod and I wish to explore up to the very edge of the north by the end of this year. For a guide on the major cities and municipalities, here's a map:

cebu province map

Let's talk about my trip to the south. See the very tip? That's Santander. on the way back en route to Cebu we passed through Samboan, Ginatilan, already know the drill. Some who wish to go to these places pass through Barili but I would say going to the edge is very much worth it.

Honestly, I feel that there's much more to explore here in Cebu and I think I don't love my home well-enough. The trip I was talking about was done with my partner and family members. It's a learning experience and a chance to bond. I'd suggest taking on a trip with good friends, your lover or your family- anyone you'd take with you if you were to explore different places out of your comfort zone. You'd taste different cuisines, delicacies and bathe in beaches, waterfalls, springs and trek explored and less-explored trails and climb mountains and hills.

Cebu is a perfect mix of the city, province and island life. We can have a crazy expensive meal at a posh resto one day and live in a tent in the next day. We can swim in a 5-star resort today and goof around in a cold spring in a far-away municipality with our friends tomorrow. Learning to live in Cebu means learning how to live in different places around the Philippines, IMHO.

If you're a native of the province of Cebu, I'd say explore Cebu first before booking domestic flights around the 7,107 islands of our country. But with that being said, exploring other places around the PH have also made me love my hometown a lot more.

That's what makes me proud to be a Cebuano, and being Cebuano gives me the privilege of witnessing the beauty of our country.

So what's the best of Cebu in your own experience? Share with us and let's keep the discussion going!

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