Getting Around Cebu: Transport Tips

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Here's a guide about the commute culture here in Cebu!

The traffic here in Cebu is getting insane through the years. Most prefer public transportation on regular work or school days especially when they or their families are not owners of cars. Here in Cebu, the public utility jeepneys (PUJ), taxis and the habal-habal are the three main modes of public transport here in Cebu. Within barangays, trysikad (trycicles) are available for public consumption.

When it comes to riding a jeepney, it's all about practicality. Especially when you know their's no other route to your destination, if you're not in a hurry, my advice is to take the jeepney. It can save you a ton of cash not to mention feeling guilt-free with your savings. A P20 bill can go a long way with this one! My advice is to bring coins since it would be a hassle for the driver to look for change. Also be mindful of your surroundings since you have multiple passengers with you, chances are some bad elements may be with you during your ride. Don't be seen texting on your (expensive) smartphone and put your jewelry away.

If you're a tourist or a local who isn't familiar with a certain route, is the go-to resource!

This is the local jargon for sitting on a motorcycle! Sometimes riding on a taxi or jeepney just doesn't cut it- experience the perks of getting to your destination in a flash! Populous barangays have flocking motorists waiting to serve people in need. Of course, there are risks too. If you are not comfortable in riding motorcycles in general, don't. When you're a newby, ask for a good price for your destination (Example a ride within IT Park is only P10). Once you're familliar with prices, you can haglle with drivers who charge higher. Speaking of being charged higher, give the exact amount because if you hand over a big bill the driver might give you change lower than you expected.

Sweat, pollution, annoying passengers-gone! Riding a taxi is also a popular mode of transport here in Cebu. I think this is self-explanatory as we know the co fort of riding a private vehicle. Like riding a habal-habal, some drivers try to charge you more if they claim they don't have change on hand so always bring smaller bills with you. Lately there are also mobile taxi booking services available since hailing a cab during rush hour can be stressful. Either way, I also suggest giving the exact amount due to avoid hassle. For safety reasons, it's recommended to share a cab with a friend at night. Before riding, make sure a family member or friend knows the taxi's plate number.

Within barangays, trycicles are also available. This is a motorcycle or bycycle with an extension to seat up to 5 people. Think of it as a mini jeepney if you want to share with other people. Drivers have a fixed rate over the vehicle and can be solitted among up to 5 passengers. Admittedly, this is a fun experience most especially when you want to navigate the tiniest corners of a certain area. For first-timers I suggest riding so with a friend to make the experience bearable.

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