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Aside from lechon, Cebu is the home to one of the best mangoes in the country.

Pasalubong centers and airport shops are always filled with stocks of different dried mango brands. Oftentimes we forget that mangoes are closely associated with Filipino symbols and when it comes to Cebu, we forget about the other best things to be proud of because there are just so many reasons to love our island.

Cebu's mango variation does not have that much hairy fibers, which makes them easier to eat which makes them all the more delicious. Dried mangoes is a simple snack, which is considered as one pf the most famous pasalubong from Cebu. It is so popular that Cebu is actually responsible for up to 80% of exporting this delicacy all over the country and worldwide.

Dried mango, whether it is the ripe or green variety, is a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. It is naturally sweet and rich in vitamins. It can be used as a topping for ice cream and can be eaten alone as a snack and dessert. Its chewy consistency and tartness lingers in your mouth.

So how are dried mangoes made and where do they come from?

The mango trees are given flower inducers to promote faster fruit growth, as well as government-sanctioned fungicides and pesticides to protect the fruit from being damaged by pests and disease. Once mangoes reach a particular size on the branch, they are wrapped in bags or newspapers for protection.

To prevent bruising, mangoes are typically harvested by hand just when the fruit is about to ripen. Manufacturers prefer barely ripe mangoes which are firm as too soft mangoes are as good as fruit puree instead.

Homegrown brands as well as some pastry cafes sell this sweet and sour goodness so grabbing a bite won't be too hard. Some have already made their own version of mixed nuts or trail mix with some mango bits while some already have their very own dried mango chocolate- a nice, delicious piece submerged in rich dark chocolate made from cacao.

So if you're visiting Cebu, dried mangoes are a definite must-try on my list! So if you love this snack, how do you like to enjoy this? With ice cream or just munch on them straight up?

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