Here's Why You Should Visit Cebu ASAP!

Why You Should Visit Cebu

Welcome to the Queen City of the South!

There's no other place like Cebu and I am proud to call this my home wherever I go. If you're planning to come here let me give you reasons why you should have no second thoughts!

Regardless of budget, you can enjoy the best meal.
From street food to botique restos or the punko-punko to hotel buffets- Cebu can take you from the classic island way of living to a 5-star experience in an instant. Cost of living is relatively low you you can still have a complete meal from local karenderyas, drink and a cigarette (if you smoke) all for P50 and below! Restaurants we recommend are Yakski BBQ, The Port Restaurant, Choobi-Choobi and Manila Foodshoppe.

We have several world-class hotels to stay at.
Whether you're here for business or pleasure, Cebu is now a home to world class hotels ready to pamper you for the whole duration of your stay. Staying at Mactan can enable you to several resorts such as Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa while Metro Cebu is the home to well-established hotel franchises such as Radisson Blu Cebu. Of course, you can also find several budget hotels that don't scrimp on services such as Montebello Villa Hotel.

Cebu is rich in outdoor destinations to go.
A refreshing dip in a cold spring, a good time at a waterfall or an exciting trek, Cebu can satisfy the cravings of an outdoor junkie! Explore different features here in Cebu's Best for our recommendations.

Cebu is the Beach and Resort Destination of Central Visayas.
We can't stress enough why Cebu is the ultimate vacation destination here in the Philippines. You can experience island hopping, world-class beaches and resorts from all the way to the Northern side up until the very tip of the South. Cebu never runs short of beaches!

And lastly, we're the friendliest strangers you can meet.
Don't hesitate to ask around if you're lost or can't understand our dialect. We're always glad to help and make a new friend.

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