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If you are wondering what success is then you have to know more about Hans Congmon.

Even if his family has been in the food business for many years, Hans decided to break away from that and decided to set his own business up without having to take the family influence with him. With the creative ideas of his girlfriend, Melanie Tam, Everything Yummy+ Love was born.

Success, according to Hans, is objective. Someone can seem successful for us, but that someone might think differently for himself. Hans considers himself a successful person- being in a strong 7-year relationship with his girlfriend, raising his two sons who are currently 17 and 14 years old and opening 2 restaurants.

To be successful, one must have a lot of dreams but must also be content with what he or she has. Hans further discusses about the things he had and believed in which where essential to his life. “Be close with your family as much as possible; cherish the time with them”, he added. He further explains that he is a very busy man and has a lot of time dedicated to work, which is why time with his family is very special.

Another one is that: one has to be hard-working. You are not going to reap anything if you do nothing. In business, one has to “be honest and learn to trust people”. Be sociable and not necessarily friendly. One has to be God-fearing and spiritual too.

Hans also talks about his failures in life. He stated that “Success is how one rises up from failures”. He had his side of failures but was strong enough to get back up. “Humans tend to repeat mistakes but you must learn how to avoid such reputation” he elaborated. “If you fail, you have no one else to blame but yourself because blaming someone else is not fair.” 

Flexibility is Hans’ edge. He was able to adapt to changes from working in an American company to being a full time Disk Jockey at Formo and to being a business man. He never planned to have his own business or expected to be in the business world, but things change and here he is now.

Hans shares his advice to the people who want to put up their own business:
“Listen to your teacher.  Take your subjects seriously because they are going to be useful in the world of business. Subjects like Taxation and government-related studies are the most useful but that does not mean you won’t pay attention in other subjects. Be firm in decision-making and don’t exaggerate in concepts. Be patient and learn to adjust because business will take time to bloom”.

Hans credits his long-time girlfriend who is the light of Everything Yummy+Love because without her, the restaurants would not be here in the first place.

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