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There are only a few women I have encountered who are as empowered as Melissa Basubas

Melissa Basubas is a woman of beauty, brains, and power. She currently runs two businesses namely Vienna Kaffehaus and Spa-Holic.

According to Melissa, Vienna Kaffehaus was owned by an Austrian but then retired so her family eventually took over the whole franchise.  As a kid, she frequently went there to dine with her family. She aims to make Vienna Kaffeehaus a household name again like it was years ago. Spa-Holic, the other business Melissa handles, is a home-service massage. She and her siblings have been running it for about 2 years now and the reason why they had such business is because of their love for massage.

Melissa states that she does not have any earth shattering experience which made her into who she is now. “We all had bad experiences”, she states. It is not only the bad ones that transformed her into who she is today but every experience she had. She further explains that her strong relationship with her family also has helped her become who she is now.

If she ever fears something then it would be the loss of her family and nothing else. She said she can take anything, almost anything except that kind of situation.

Melissa aims to make a positive difference in anything she does.  She does not believe in considering mistakes as grave or not. Mistakes are mistakes and whatever you do, it happens. She firmly believes on the saying “what does not kill you only makes you stronger”. 

Aside from being a busy business woman, she shared that she comes home to five loving dogs who never fail to give her good company.

Melissa was a former Miss Cebu 2003 contestant who bagged 1st runner up. She recalls that she initially never liked the idea of joining the pageant but she could not say “no” to her mom. She never had any regrets because she met so many friends whom she considers as her true friends to date. “It’s life. You win some you lose some”, she said.

All in all Melissa is a simple woman who lives life the way she finds it best to live. She does not want to take anything too seriously because it would just ruin her. Life is something you have to live and not struggle with.

“Don’t take things too seriously … just play the game and go on with life”, she advised.

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