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This restaurant serves Korean food with great value.

Toppokki Man has been around for some time now and has expanded their menu. With 300 pesos, you can already have a huge serving of toppokki (I mean, really huge). If you are not much of a toppokki lover, other kinds of dishes like desserts or noodles are also served.  To those who do not know, Toppokki  is a Korean snack made from soft rice cake and sweet red chilli sauce. It is a kind of street snack in Korea. 

Filipinos will love the taste of Toppokki and should not shy away from it. The taste is really good and spicy food lovers will love what Toppokki Man has to offer! You also get free kimchi when you order a toppokki meal.

Toppokki Man is located at Rosedale Place, Dona Rita Village, Banilad,Cebu City.

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