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Joseph’s love for photography kept on growing every time he presses that shutter release-from plain aesthetics to emotions- it made him who he is today.

Joseph Ong is now a household name in the world of photography and everything related to it considering the fact that he started photography as a hobby, Joseph sure did stand out from the rest.Despite the popularity, Joseph remains a humble man – considering himself more of a student than a master, Joseph stresses that he still lacks knowledge since art is a never ending learning process. He claims to have touched only the surface and is yet to discover what lies deep beneath his passion.

For a man who sees so much than just one side of the story, Joseph captures the life of what is in front of him and replicate it through printed photographs.  People quickly judge what they see and Joseph believes that is not the case. Like how a coin has two sides, every story also has different sides which make it unfair for people to immediately judge- a life lesson he learned from photography. He does not take all the credits; he said that he was inspired by a lot of artists. Considering how the social media works nowadays, finding brilliant talents is not difficult anymore.

Joseph shares that it takes a lot of guts to be a professional photographer. Imagine living a competitive life even when you are not up for it- people will always compare and criticize which makes everything risky- as risky as leaving his secure job for this kind of business. Joseph gambled and took the risk which he says that it is always part of life.  “I’d rather live my life this way than regret not pursuing this career”, he added.

Joseph is not only a photographer, but a talented painter as well. When not doing photo shoots, he is either painting or eating.

In the future, Joseph would want to see himself as an icon for change. He hopes that his photographs will inspire others to take risks- the way he took his. As glamorous as photography may seem, Joseph emphasizes that photography is not like that at all. Photography means hard work- long hours, cups of coffee and sleepless nights. As stressful as those may seem, Joseph can easily brush them off with a smile since he knows that nothing beats waking up every day knowing that you are doing something that you love.

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