Tips for Commuting

Let's get to know these tips by heart when riding on Cebu's most-loved mode of transport!

Appreciating the beauty of Cebu is done through even the most mundane habits on the daily- riding the jeepney. If you're not familliar with the different jeepney routes, is a good resource on the corresponding route numbers to each jeepney. This is especially useful for foreigners or those who'd want to familiarize themselves on what jeepney route you'd like to ride with when navigating around Cebu.

Of course, you should learn these basic tips and etiquettes too to make sure you'll have an easy and breezy experience.

Learn the 2 basic jargons!
Plite palihog: 'plite' means fare and palihog means 'please'. Say this when you want to hand over your fare especially when you're seated far from the driver. Emphasize the word 'palihog' since saying please is the golden rule after all.
Lugar lang!: say this when you are already at your desired destination and when you want to get off the jeepney.

Always bring loose change.
Bringing 50, 100 and gasp- 500 peso bills can be a hassle especially in the morning since most drivers have just started their day and they don't have change yet. Save yourselves from the hassle by always bringing coins!

If you're not sure about the route, you can always ask.
Ask the driver or the konduktor (the driver's assistant) on which jeepney route to ride on. They always know which jeepney to ride so don't hesitate!

Make way for people with disabilities or medical conditions.
The driver's passenger seat is always reserved for those who are pregnant or with disabilities. Be polite and offer the passenger seat to these people especially when you're lining up to take the ride. Which leads me to the next tip...

Don't cut the line!
This is a universal golden rule too and applies to just about everywhere. If you're in a rush to get home or to work, others are in a hurry too. Always know your manners.

Accept the fare passed on to you and hand over to the next passenger or to the driver (if you're near to him).
Don't be rude and pass on the fare. It makes you look maarte and rude.

If you know when your destination is far, ask the driver or the konduktor how much the fare is.
The basic fare (as of this writing) is P7 for professionals, P6-6.50 for students and P5 for senior citizens. There's an add-on after a kilometer so be sure to ask how much!