argao church

Located in southeastern Cebu, Argao is the best place to retreat from the busy life of urban city. My mother's family hails from this province and when you visit Argao, you have a rustic feeling that will surely help you relax.

Beaches and Falls
If you look at the map, Argao is located at the edge of Cebu, so what does it mean? Beaches! And the beaches are not just brown sand beaches, but have black and white sand beaches too! There are also hot and cold springs to have a refreshing dip and at the Bugasok Falls, you can scape the busy urban life. You will like it more here because Bugasok Falls is not far from a cave that you can also explore.

Heritage Sites
The San Miguel Arcangel Church in Argao is one of the oldest church of the country. But there's more to it once you go inside. The ceiling of the church is also a work of art and reminds us of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. You will also notice a difference of style on the upper half and the lower half of the painting, too. At Argao, there's also a Medieval-inspired castle with knights and kings. Cool right? Then of course, there's the Argao Hall of Justice. In the past, the hall was used as a school building for church worker's children. Then, it was used as barracks in the Second World War.

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The Great Outdoors
You can visit the Argao Nature Park with tons of activities in store, go skim boarding at different beaches and go caving at different sites such as the Agta Caves.

Delicacies and Cuisine
When it comes to Argao, bahalina, torta and tablea come to mind. Argao is known for its tablea or cocoa tablet. You can make a good hot sikwati (chocolate drink) or delicious champorado (chocolate rice) from it. You can also eat it raw since it's sinfully tasty already. Torta is considered a huge part of the local economy and Bahala is the locally-produced coconut wine. Of course, when you come to a fiesta, expect a classic Philippine feast that everyone wants to come home to.