Cebu is truly a place filled with amazing hideaways.

Last summer we took a trip covering every nook and cranny of the Southern side of Cebu. After much contemplation and debate, we finally reached the Aguinid Falls of Samboan which is 150 kilometers away from Cebu City. This destination has five levels unlike the usual two or three and this is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Despite being scary and difficult on the way, completing every level was worth the effort. Everything was breath-taking and refreshing. I suffered from a sunburn that day and the waters running against my back soothed the burning sensation. Indeed, our humble island's waterfalls all feature a plethora of mysterious rock formations, amazing water compositions, and magical surrounding environments.

According to a blog, apparently, Aguinid Falls is unique because it is a system of waterfalls that run for a couple of kilometers along Tangbo River. Since it was promoted as an eco-tourism destination, locals and foreigners have witnessed this one-of-a-kind, multi-tiered waterfall system.

Despite being hidden from the main road, Aguinid Falls is fast becoming an eco-tourism attraction in Samboan. That means finding food and basic necessities are not that hard since micro-businesses and small enterprises such as souvenir shops, sari-saristores, and carenderias are sprouting in the area. Do note though, that eating and drinking once you are inside is prohibited because of the risk of contaminating the Tangbo River. A minimal fee is collected and you may ask for guides to help you during your journey through the different levels. Do give them compensation too because their services are purely voluntary.

Canyons, small bridges, cooling waters and pristine trees surrounding the area, going to Samboan's Aguinid Falls is definitely worth the five-hour trip!

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