Would you take it all off?

1.Little Beach, Maui


Little beach is known as the "unofficial clothing-optional beach" in Maui. Little Beach is an isolated beach, surrounded by high bushes, lava rocks, and driftwood. Sun bathing nude has been illegal in the state of Hawaii for many years, but the law has not been enforced here. As a result, Little Beach has become quite an attraction for naturists and adventurists alike.

2.Haulover Beach, Florida


Right in the heart of Miami lies one of the only nude beaches that is run and operated by the United States government. For many years Haulover Beach has been a hot spot for naturists of South Florida as well as from Canada and Europe. Haulover Beach, with efforts from the South Florida Free Beach Association, has certified lifeguards and organized group activities like swimming lessons and volleyball.

3.Red Beach, Greece


Cobalt-blue waters, sun-bleached cottages, ancient ruins and red sandstone cliffs are just a few of the sights you might gaze upon while at Red Beach in Matala, Greece. Hippies who flocked to its shores in the 1960's first made the resort at Red Beach famous, which is a 'naturist favorite' thanks to its homey charm and its tolerance (nudity is allowed anywhere except the dining room). Visitors to Red Beach can explore the area's ancient caves and scuba dive to see the off-shore shipwrecks that have washed ashore over time.

4.Praia do Pinho

Even though its rumored that Brazil is the birth place of the bikini, surprisingly nude beaches are few and far in between here. However, in some parts of the country, including Praio do Pinho, naturists are beginning to open their gates to the growing nudist community. Pinho opened up in 1987 as the first legally sanctioned au naturel beach, and nudists who regularly come here have made it a tradition to joke with all new-comers that “clothing is not an option”.

5.Hedonism II

Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica is unlike any other because it promotes a free and lively experience for playful single and couple naturists!! This famous 7-mile white sand beach has an all-inclusive resort that is divided two sections, nude” and “prude”, and have separate facilities for swimming, sunbathing, volleyball and more. Clothing, however, is optional throughout the entire resort. Visitors can expect to enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks as well as a lively party scene and a wonderful outdoor experience.