Are you dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation? Now is the time to put those wheels in motion!

We all dream of a Hawaiian vacation complete with leis, a killer tan, and cocktails on the beach, so now is the perfect time to plan that amazing vacation for you and your partner. This is a great time of year, winter is ending and spring is just about to begin. Now you've just missed the end of whale watching season but there's still so much to do on this magical island.

a Great Hawaiian Vacation

The first tourist spot to hit up is Pearl Harbor where you can take a tour of the memorial, and most especially the Arizona. This stop will take up your morning, so in the afternoon you should still have free time to check out the Dole Plantation where they grow tons of pineapple and serve different kinds of pineapple ice cream as well. It's the perfect way to cool down on a hot afternoon!

Another good location to visit is the North Shore, where some of the popular beaches are Sunset, Turtle Bay, and Waimea Bay. Waimea Bay is where the movie Blue Crush filmed some of Kate Bosworth's underwater training scenes where she runs while holding a boulder. So that's a fun activity to try when you're there. Oahu is filled with great beaches and some of the best breaks, so if you're a surfer or just want to boogey board to catch some waves there are lots of prime locations such as Kailua, which is a beautiful beach on the East side of the island.

Now if you're into the nightlife scene downtown Honolulu is more of your style with clubs and bars to hit up. And if you're looking for a fun sunset activity then the booze cruise is a definite must! Join other tourists as your ride off into the sunset drinking rum and just having a great time. This is perfect for some light-hearted fun for the adults! So drink up and prepare to have a good time in the paradise that is Hawaii.

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