Mt. Wycheproof

Every April, hundreds of adventure seekers dream of climbing Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain. With its peak at more than 8,800 meters above ground, Mt. Everest gives great challenge to any thrill-seeker who attempts to climb it. Over 290 people have died trying to reach the summit. Those who survived experienced extreme weather conditions, weeks of difficult sleep, and oxygen levels constantly running low in your blood system. Reaching the top of the world’s tallest mountain is super hard.

But how hard is it to climb the opposite? The world’s smallest mountain?

In the small hillside town located in Victoria, Australia lies the world’s smallest mountain. Mt. Wycheproof is only 43 meters tall and if not the easiest mountain to climb ever.

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Another “mountain” has also claimed the title of “world’s smallest”. This one:


China claims that Jingshan is the world’s smallest mountain. At only 6 meters above ground, it is probably the easiest mountain to climb. Some people might argue that it’s just a piece of boulder, but the Chinese will tell you otherwise. According to, Jingshan is the only mountain in China’s Shouguang district, it is a symbol of the region and one of its most popular tourist attractions.