wooden scooters from IfugaoImage Source: nationalgeographic.com

Every late April during the Imbayah Festival in Banaue, Ifugao, you can see Ifugaos in their ethnic attire riding their handcarved wooden scooters down the hill with speed records of up to 50 kilometers per hour!

This is part of the wooden scooter race; a seven kilometer downhill wooden scooter race set along the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site of the Banaue Rice terraces.

The first of the Ifugao scooter race was staged in 2005, with the entries made of wood and held together by twine. Today many residents of Ifugao try to make their own handcarved wooden scooters and sell or use them in time for the Imbayah Festival.

The scooter race has become such an attraction that even YouTube’s Great Big Stories featured it in one of their videos. Check that out below.

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