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You can even lie down and soak at the base of the waterfall after eating a buffet at the unique restaurant.

There’s a unique restaurant found in a resort in San Pablo City, Quezon where you can dine and soak in the rushing waterfall just behind the table.

The Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant is one of the center-pieces of the Villa Escudero resort.  Guests can enjoy traditional Filipino buffet lunch, kamayan style, while soaking their feet in the shallow running water.

The resort offers a one of a kind experience for guests to get up close and personal with a roaring waterfall while enjoying lunch. You can get your feet wet as the water runs below your table or lie down at the waterfall base for a quick massage for a post-lunch rinse off.


Lunch at the waterfalls.

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Kyot kyot ng bebe ko ?

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