2017 Westminster attack

Last week a vehicle deliberately rammed into Westminster Bridge’s pedestrian lane, injuring more than 50 people and killing at least five three.

On the afternoon of 22 March 2017, a car rammed into the pedestrian lane of Westminster Bridge. The deliberate attack caused five deaths and injuries to more than 50 people, some of whom in critical condition.

The attacker was later identified as 52-year-old Briton Khalid Masood, who abandoned his vehicle immediately after it crashed. He then ran into the Palace of Westminster where he fatally stabbed an unarmed police officer. Masood was then shot by a security guard and died of his injuries at the scene.

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a.k.a. the supreme legislative body of the country.


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The Westminster bridge is painted predominantly green, the same color as the leather seats in the House of Commons which is on the side of the Palace of Westminster nearest to the bridge. (Another bridge called the Lambeth Bridge is painted red to coincide with the colors of the House of Lords located on the other side of the Westminster Palace.)

The Westminster bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge over the River Thames popularly used in movies and TV. It usually attracts a lot of tourists daily which is part of the reason why Masood used it as a location for his terror attack.

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