Romantic Baguio

Often called the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it’s also considered one of the most romantic places in the Philippines. Movies like That Thing Called Tadhana has even encapsulated the romance of the city in Benguet.

Going on a food trip, strolling at the parks, taking selfies, it’s a guaranteed romantic experience in this fog-laden city up the mountains.

As an archipelago blessed with both natural and historical wonders, our country will never come up short of beautiful places to explore, and many of them definitely inspire romance. One of those places is the beautiful fog-laden city up the mountains, Baguio!

With beautiful mountain scenery and pine trees, the view might look like something out of a dream, with wisps of fog, and colorful flowers and strawberries, Baguio is a perfect romantic destination. And, of course, the cool air is perfect for snuggling. A weekend here might just strengthen your relationship.

Walk hand in hand under Camp John Hay’s pine trees. Feast your eyes on the bright flowers of Baguio Botanical Garden and the city’s other parks and gardens.


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