Kanin Winter Cabin

The Kanin Winter Cabin also offers an amazing view of two countries; Italy And Slovenia!

Is the zombie apocalypse already here? For those of you who wish to get away from absolutely everything to a place with no Wi-Fi, television or trace of humanity, we have the getaway/hideaway for you!

Kanin Winter Cabin 1

This 104-square-foot cabin is located on a rocky ridge on Mount Kanin along the Slovenian-Italian border. Those that can brave some of the harshest elements on the globe will be treated to unsurpassed 360-degree views of surrounding Italy and Slovenia in accommodations fit for a James Bond villain.

This incredible cabin was designed and constructed by Designed by OFIS Arhitekti and made entirely of aluminum panels, cross-laminated timber, and glass. It can accommodate nine mountaineers comfortably and allows for little else.

Kanin Winter Cabin 2

Inside the cabin, three areas for guests can be enjoyed during their stay. Situated in the back of the residence past the living room is the designated sleeping area, outfitted with three raised beds. The inclusion of massive floor-to-ceiling windows allow for an abundance of natural light to flood the entire cabin during the day, while providing the priceless views which make the Kanin Winter Cabin a one-of-a-kind.

Kanin Winter Cabin 3

Kanin Winter Cabin 4

Kanin Winter Cabin 5

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