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It is always a bargain at Baclaran. Use your negotiating skills to get the best price for you.

You will never fail in searching for what you need because in the Baclaran Market, you can find almost everything!

Buy a lot of good quality shirts, shorts, jeans and other products for a way cheaper price compared to what is sold in malls. Although, most clothes are class A or brandless, but what matters most is the quality and how much you can save.

After you hear mass at the Baclaran church, you can roam around the Baclaran market and find great deals everywhere. All stores are just lined up and merchandises are displayed freely. There are parts of the market that are airconditioned and some parts are just open air. You have to put in mind that this market isn't your typical mall so expect foul smells and noises. Also be aware of pickpocketers. There are lots of them and you wouldn't know if they are keeping an eye on you. So if you plan to shop at the Baclaran market, it's wise to just bring the right amount of money, a cheap phone and ask someone to accompany you.

Be amazed about what you can find at the Baclaran market. From clothes to kitchenware to pets and so on. After boosting your stamina, you can cool off and eat or window shop at the Mall of Asia which is just a 10 minute (depends on traffic) jeepney ride from the market.

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