Tali Beach Batangas

An Out-of-the-ordinary New Year

Ever get tired of the same old New Years celebration in Cebu? If you ever happen to find yourself in Manila for the Christmas holiday season, a good spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city is Tali Beach in Batangas. Here we celebrate the New Year with all our family and friends that come home from around the Philippines and the rest of the world. It is a very close-knit private community where families have their beach houses and cram their homes with family members and visitors during time of year.


The annual Tali Beach Concert is an event on December 29th every year at the Main Beach (the main beach in Tali, as the name suggests). The drinks are abundant as well as the laughs and munchies. Each year brings a newly altered bundle of youngsters eager to be crowned the coveted Mr. Tali Beach, a fun competition in where they vote for the "Sexiest" Man in Tali.


A fun activity for a sunny day is renting a bangka and taking it around to hit up some of the nearby beach spots. Twin Islands is a favorite for cliff diving, snorkeling, and just another beach to catch some rays on and have another beer. Fortune Island is a closed resort but people have been known to dive there because there are remains of an old Dutch shipwreck to explore. The Caves is also a favorite local spot people go to for cliff jumping and snorkeling through them. Just be careful with the current as accidents do occur on especially rough days.


Sunset cruises on a family member or friend's yachts, sail boat or bangka is definitely a banging way to end these fun sun filled days. With drinks flowing and spirits soaring, these are the type of trips you do not want to miss. So if you're ever around and want to experience this wonderful holiday you should definitely plan a trip over.

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