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If you want the best burger then you have to try Uncle Sam’s Burger in Butuan City.

Uncle Sam’s burger is the only one of its kind and if you are a burger enthusiast, you have to fly all the way to Butuan City to have a bite of it. The burgers are reasonably priced and really delicious. Many people would often crave for the taste of the burger.

Uncle Sam’s is located at a place where you find peace and serenity away from the pollution and traffic so you could enjoy quality time with yourself, with a group of friends or your family. Enjoy it with a beer or with other meals. A variety of great tasting food is also available for the ones who love to choose from a lot of choices but if you ask the locals, nothing beats the burger.

So what are you waiting for? If you are, by chance, stopping over at the city of Butuan, make sure you try Uncle Sam’s Burger. I assure you it is one of a kind. 

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