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Have you done something so extreme that you are literally lost from reality?

Well, ziplines do the thing for me – you know, make me feel like I am flying. I have tried some zip lines and they were great; however, there is one zip line I have to experience—the 7 Falls Zip Line.

Where is this great zip line located? It is found in South Cotabato, Mindanao. If you want to get there, make sure you really are serious, since going there will require time and effort. First, you fly off to General Santos. From the General Santos City proper, take a bus (yellow bus line) bound to Kondaral (Marbel), fair is about 60 pesos with 1 hour travel time. Once you arrive at Kondaral (Marbel), take another bus to Surallah, which is about 30 minutes travel time with a fare of about 28 pesos. From Surallah’s terminal, take a van or a jeepney ride to Lake Sebu for about 50 pesos, or ride a habal-habal and save time for a hundred pesos (one-way).


Aside from the enchanting waterfalls, the Lake Sebu is home to the T’boli and Ubo tribes. Once you arrive, you will know that it isn’t only about the lake, but the magnificent waterfalls; seven waterfalls with water coming from Siloton and Lake Sebu. You can see the first two waterfalls through trekking, but the best way to see the rest of the waterfalls is through zip lining! You can actually zip line above the 5 waterfalls. Many people have said that you can see a lot of rainbows during the zip line. 

Lake Sebu is one of the best places you can go to in the Philippines since it has a lot to offer—unique culture, the best of nature, and adventures you will never forget. Book your flights now and experience what Lake Sebu has to offer!

Exploring outside the box, Beyond Cebu.

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