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Most of us in the city usually enjoy pools with high slides and yes, all of them are manmade.

We humans are always seeking for adventure. Is it because we were evolved that way? Who knows? Now, if you are really an adventure seeker or just have this love for slides, it’s about time you visit a natural one.

The Mawacat Slide located in Samar is a natural slide where water flows along a giant cistern, and from the top, one can actually slide through the mossy path and head to the cool pool below. Many locals enjoy the slide and I am pretty sure you will. Here’s a video:


How to get to Samar? If you are from outside the Philippines, you can fly to Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), and then take a domestic flight to Tacloban City, Leyte. As soon as you arrive, you can take a land transportation from Tacloban City to Eastern Samar.1

Mawacat Slide is an hour ride from the Calbayog proper to Barangay Mawacat. From there, a 20-minute walk is required while following a foot trail lined by tall trees. The Mawacat Falls is naturally spoon-like in formation and is inclined about 45 degrees and 50 meters high.

So why not book a ticket? This may be one of the least possible destinations since it is not very known but hey, you can be one of the few who can experience a slide made by nature!

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