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The beautiful island of Camiguin is located in the Bohol Sea.

It is known for its beauty and natural wonders. As small as it can be, it is an island full of adventure and excitement. Simple and humble, Camiguin is a place where people come to again and again. It is the perfect place to explore and discover. 

How to get to Camiguin?

From Manila, you can take direct flights to Cagayan de Oro City which takes about one hour and twenty minutes. From Cebu, Cagayan De oro is a lot nearer and it takes only 30 minutes via plane. If you want, you can also take ferry trips from the North Harbor which is longer but a lot more exciting. You can go aboard the ships. These ships may stop over at some ports such as Cebu City, Iloilo City, etc., and will usually take 28-36 hours to Cagayan De Oro. From Cagayan de Oro airport, you can take a cab to the bus terminal which is at Agora Market. Hop on the bus going to Balingoan and from that town; take a ferry bound to Camiguin Island. In an hour, you will reach the Benoni Wharf of Mahinog, which is 17 kilometers from the capital town of Mambajao.

Once you arrive, take a trip to the Katibawasan Falls which is located at the southeast of Central Mambajao.

Katibawasan falls measure 250 feet high and boasts cool, clear waters rushing down creating a beautiful pool dressed by beautiful plant life. It is great for swimming and relaxing; perfect for this summer! Once you enter, you are asked for a small entrance fee since the area is being protected, maintained and developed by the government.

Picnic facilities are available for rent so you have all the time to spend a wonderful day there. I tell you, you have to swim and experience the very cold waters. I remember dipping my feet there  as a kid and shivered in less than a minute. For people who love the cold, this is the treat for you.

Camiguin has a lot to offer; so you might want to visit other places too like hot springs and cold springs so you better plot it. I suggest making this the first or the last destination since it is located in the mountains and might take some effort to reach there.


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