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I am not a big fan of tourist attractions usually due to the excessive number of people in the area.

So forget about the Santiago Bay resort and go the extra mile – literally. Bakhaw Beach is farther away from the port, but it is absolutely worth the time.

The beach is hidden behind thick vegetation with a man-made path just enough for one vehicle to pass through. Once you get there, a charming lady who watches over the place welcomes you and tends to your needs. There is an environmental fee of PHP 10.00 per head, and there are also cottages for only PHP 150.00. Although, why would you rent a cottage when you can lie on the sand under natural shelter, like under this tree for example?

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Bakhaw is breathtaking; with its fine, white sand, pristine waters, and not to mention the blissful tranquility. Make sure this makes it on your itinerary whenever you visit Camotes. I have to warn you though, you will not find a restaurant or a food stall nearby, so it would be best to bring your own.

Summer is almost over so let’s make sure we make the last few days count. Is anyone here up for a day trip?

Exploring outside the box, Beyond Cebu.

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