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Endless adventures is what's waiting for you here in Cebu.

No matter where you go, whether southern or northern Cebu, you will always find a spot to explore with your family or friends... or both because why not?

Aguinid Falls, located at the southern tip of Cebu, consists of 5 levels that can be reached through trekking, "waterfall climbing" and getting wet. If you want real adventure, you must visit this exciting spot.

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The entrance fee for the Aguinid Falls is Php40 if you're a foreigner but of course 50% off will be implemented if you are a local so that means the entrance fee is Php20 for Filipinos. With your Php20 entrance fee per head, you will get a guide that will lead you to the right way and which rock to step on and so on. Before you start the adventure, the guide will tell you that they don't get any salary but only rely on tips from visitors. So, you better prepare some money.

Going to the falls takes power and strength and you must prepare zip locks for your phones, or just don't bring any at all and just capture the nature with your eyes, because I tell you, you will get wet. Unless if you trust your guide to carry your phone for you then go ahead. Wear something that is ready for swimming because that's how it is there.

Going to Level 1 is the most exciting part for me because you will have to climb on a "waterfall". It is also a bit dangerous if you really don't have patience and all. As always, just be careful.

All levels were beautiful from level 0 to level 5. There were also quiet plenty of people when we went there but also considering it was a Saturday. Aguinid Falls must be a part of your must-go places because it surely has everything.

Explore outside the box, Beyond Cebu.

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