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Boracay island will always be that "go to" place if you want to sink your feet in fine white sand and swim in the clear blue sea on your summertime.

Everyone from around the globe that visits the Philippines always want to drop by this wonderful island that is blessed with the beauty of nature.

If you don't want to settle with just the beach and want to dive in a humongous pool then Hennan Lagoon Resort Boracay is for you. Also have the privilege to swim in the biggest pool in Boracay and have the beach still close to you.

Hennan Lagoon Resort Boracay is the pride and joy of Station 2. Boasting its lagoon-swimming pool, a dashing 1,200 square meter masterpiece that is the biggest in the island. The small bridges connect the different parts of the pool to make it accessible without giving you a hard time. A pool bar is located at one side of this "lagoon" to quench the thirst for the thirsty.

Say goodbye to summertime sadness when you check in at this amazing resort!

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