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Travelling to another place away from home is one way of getting all of the pressure off of your shoulders.

It is absolutely a great way to get your mind to think clearer when you arrive at a destination that is serene and new to your eyes. And speaking of serene or peaceful places, here in the Philippines, you will never run out of choices to visit to.

When we speak of Manila, we imagine a place crowded with people, polluted with noise and traffic here and there. But what some people do not know is that there are numerous places outside the Metro that is actually worth visiting to because of their beauty. Tagaytay is one spot that is visited by many for the reason that it has many great sceneries and a lot of fun things to do.

When people go to Tagaytay, they right away want to see the smallest volcano in the world named Taal. You can enjoy the view of the volcano and the Taal Lake but what makes it more interesting is that you can also go inside that small volcano. Yes, you read it right. You can ride a banca going to the volcano island and once you reach the island, trek your way up to the crater of the Taal Volcano to also see another lake inside it and enjoy the moment of being a risk taker. It is a long hike going to the pit but if you don’t want to do some walking or if you get tired along the way, there are horses available for horseback riding to take you where you should be.

Visiting the Taal Volcano isn’t the only thing to be done once you are in Tagaytay City. You can face your fear of heights by trying the zip line at the Picnic Grove or jump in the country’s tallest Ferris wheel called the “Ske Eye” located at the Sky Ranch for Php100/10minutes. Or just walk around the parks of Tagaytay to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air of the far city.

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