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"Paradise was made for tender hearts; hell, for loveless hearts."

Our love for nature will never die since it's the only thing that keeps us alive and inspired. These natural spots never stops trying to survive to make the next generation see how beautiful the world is. Never waste the time you have on this planet doing things that doesn't make you happy. Why don't you start by living on an island and really see the beauty of nature. It will never hurt to witness a great place of wonder.

Another awesome adventure awaits in the island of Siargao. The Siargao island is known for its huge waves that attracts surfers from around the globe. Even if they live afar from this wave-infested island,board riders still manage to find their way to this gifted island.

If you want to see this surfing island, you can catch a plane from Cebu directly to Siargao Island.Although, air fare could reach PHP 5,000, one way. But most of us wants to save up some money and prefers the cheaper way. Don't worry because there is another way on getting to this beautiful island. You can catch a boat from Cebu to Surigao City and after you land both your feet on Surigao, catch a van-for-hire that will go straight to Hayanggabon, a small port where bancas going to the islands dock.

The boat going to Surigao City would cost you less than PHP 1,200 (via Cokaliong Shipping Lines). Riding the van-for-hire would cost you PHP 100-120. The banca going to Siargao is a passenger boat thatwould cost you another PHP 200. The total of the one way trip from Cebu to Surigao is PHP 1,500, such abig difference from the PHP 5,000 air fare.

Explore outside the box! Beyond Cebu.

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