Why this lake in Iceland ranks among the best dive spots in the world?



Its been titled as one of the best dive sites in the world, which is incredibly rare when you consider that the Silfra Crack in the Thinvellir National Park in Iceland is a freshwater lake. Even more incredible is the fact that this lake was formed because this is where the European and American continental plates are literally being torn from one another, leaving a very deep, cold crack in the Earth. In fact in some areas it is possible to touch both plates at the same time.


The crack has now turned into a lake with water that has been filtered through about 50 kilometers of volcanic rock and sediment. Incredibly enough even the water originates from a nearby glacier. The result is one of the clearest, bluest, coldest dives you could imagine. In fact the temperature of the glacier melt water as you plunge into the Sifra Crack is roughly 2 degrees Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit).  Cold enough that it is advised that all divers use “dry suits.” A special dive suit built for freezing waters. But once you open your eyes underwater for the first time the view is spectacular. The 100-metre plus visibility is limited only by the quality of your mask. 



The best time of year to dive here is obviously during the summer months of June-August, but you might find the spot a little bit overcrowded with snorkelers and casual divers. If you are more adventurous come down during the winter season where it is virtually empty. Although winter yields gloomier and more overcast weather, when you’re in your scuba gear underwater the weather at the surface isn’t going to matter. 

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