As I write this the APEC summit has just ended and the cry for climate change seems to be echoed by all.

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THE Vatican has just released Pope Francis’ message calling on all people and leaders to listen to the cry of the earth and protect the creation of God from climate change and further destruction.


It would be important in the APEC Summit this month that the parties discuss peace, trade, wellness and the environment aside from mutual defense and the respect and integrity of each country and respect for their culture.

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AS I write this, the scourging heat is sparing no one and it is spreading its tentacles far and wide.


AS I write this, the Chief Executive Officers and Presidents of the oil, gas and energy companies have gathered in Paris ahead of the COP 21 climate change talks.

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THIS journey begins in Manila where our country and people are victims of the extreme heat that the summer has scourged upon us.

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AS I write this, the Earth is entering a new phase of extinction.

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It was great to go home to the ocean once again. We couldn’t be away too long from the place that taught us the value of the marine environment.