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WHEN super typhoon Yolanda devastated the Philippines in November 2013, His Holiness Pope Francis at the Holy Mass held in Tacloban said that he had wanted and vowed to visit the devastation in Tacloban and the Philippines.

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AS I write this, climate talks are winding up in Lima, Peru.

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AS I write this, I can only grieve for the victims of the recent Air Asia Flight 8501 that crashed flying over a storm during a period when storms are not supposed to be affecting us.

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AS I write this, the United States is experiencing below freezing temperatures in all 50 states. Some counties were declared in a state of calamity.

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The recent United Nations conference on climate change in Lima, Peru, produced a discouraging agreement described as “definitely watered-down from what we expected” and “very weak indeed.”

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The entire world now is talking about climate change and how to mitigate Greenhouse gas.

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THIS Conference of Parties-20 Lima, Peru, will be remembered as the day the planet died.