1. When you go diving and go at a deeper depth, did you notice your ears hurting a bit with clouded hearing? This sensation is caused by the change in pressure underwater. This is why equalization is important and a necessary skill when one learns diving. Equalization is the process of clearing the ears to “equalize” the pressure inside the ears with the underwater pressure. Common methods include the Valsalva method, which is pinching your nostrils and blowing gently through the nose and swallowing or wiggling one’s jaw.

2. Did you know that the Philippines is the center of marine biodiversity in the world? We are abundant in different kinds of corals and reef fishes, that’s why it’s more fun to dive in the Philippines! Always remember to look for PCSSD accredited dive establishments when going on a dive.

3. Did you know that when you get accredited as a Dive Individual, you are entitled to a 50% discount at all PCSSD-‐owned Hyperbaric Chambers in case of dive-‐related accidents? This also applies when your Dive Establishment declares you as one of their Employed or In-‐house Dive Professional.

This advisory has been brought to you by the Philippine Commission on Sports SCUBA Diving (PCSSD). For the complete list if Accredited Dive Establishments, visit www.divephilipines.com.ph. Choose to Dive Safe! Choose PCSSD accredited dive establishments.