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These were the main events during the Sinulog Festival and it was the first time I have been into these events.

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Everyone has their favorite Sinulog moments!

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Sinulog is a great time to enjoy yourself outdoors and celebrate with a lot of people including your friends and err… strangers?

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I had an interesting talk with Y101fm’s Vice President, Joseph Steven.

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Hey Shoutboxers!

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George is a girl, mind you all and it’s time that she gets introduced to everyone!

It has been a while since I have talked to Mike Solo so I decided I give him some kind of visit when he wasn’t so busy.

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Get Rid of Homophobia

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They say that the greatest tools to use to fight for freedom are a pen and a paper.

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This week, the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM) implemented another experiment that is aimed to ease congestion in the Banilad-Talamban area.

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Sinulog is a grand festival, with so many people and so many events, It is expected that funny experiences will happen.

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We know how nature can be moody sometimes right? That is why it is important to prepare yourself.

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Every year, at the end of December, we anxiously wait for the coming of the brand new year.