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Hey Shoutboxers!

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Every year, at the end of December, we anxiously wait for the coming of the brand new year.

It has been a while since I have talked to Mike Solo so I decided I give him some kind of visit when he wasn’t so busy.

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It’s the most awaited festival of the Cebuanos!

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They say that the greatest tools to use to fight for freedom are a pen and a paper.

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Many people make a lot of resolutions only to break it.

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Sinulog is a grand festival, with so many people and so many events, It is expected that funny experiences will happen.

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Again, many people are ought to make a resolution in celebration of the New Year.

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I asked Carlow, on Facebook messenger, what he thinks about Sinulog.

Jeane Louise is up for this week’s Y101 Talks. Getting up close and personal being our goal, maybe we’ll get her to uncover a few juicy secrets. The woman behind Midday Drive spills the beans on her musical preferences now and growing up.