The Wisdom of Crowds

I think clustered together as a crowd, the Philippines came up with the smartest outcome possible.

Chad is Happy with the Election Results

For those who are in doubt, you just have to be really positive.

2016 04 24 donaire vs bedak banner

I never quite expected how exciting it would to be sitting on the ringside.

2016 05 09 mike s talk banner

I have witnessed so many Presidential elections in the past and this is by far the most emotionally charged Election I have ever seen.

John M Predictions on Donaire

I think Donaire will win by a knock out

Carlow's Favorite Distraction from Election

Oh how Carlow just loves to see those heads roll.

Happy Birthday Chad the Stud

Surprise, surprise!

edm mike talks

Is EDM losing its trend?

Star Wars Analogy

I think the “J.J.” in J.J. Abrams stands for Jiggy Jr.


Our hip-hop and rnb DJ talks about his career inspiration.

carlow talks point break

Aside from being a movie, Point break is that deciding moment during a crap, just before climax, when you know everything is going to be just fine.

chad talks midday

Chad the Stud has been a DJ for about 20 years. He has moved from station to station but his heart secured a place at Y101.

2016 04 15 coldplay mike ol talks banner

Coldplay is one of the very few bands I consider an institution of rock and pop. One of the few bands i have total respect as far as songwriting and musicality is concerned.