Hottest Athletes of the 2016 Rio Olympics

hottest olympian

This article is inevitable. Here are the hottest female and male athletes even non-sport fans will drool after.

Michelle Jenneke, Hurdler – Australia

Michelle Jenneke

Born in Sydney, Australia, Michelle was an internet sensation in 2012 after her pre-race warm-up dance was captured during the 2012 Junior World Championships in Barcelona. She has won the 100m Hurdle silver medal at the 2010 Youth Olympics and is ready to slay her competition with Olympian figure at this year’s Olympics.

Ning Zetao, Swimmer – China

Ning Zetao

Ning Zetao has already completed his swimming events, ranking number 6 at the Men’s 100m freestyle. A Twitter user has perfectly summed up what he looked like by saying “I can’t believe there is a man in the world who is so suited to not wearing clothes”.

Melanie Adams, Pole Vault – Australia

Melanie Adams

Aussies have it again. Melanie Adams is no stranger to the Olympics, as she made it up the stage at the 2012 London Olympics. She has won two national titles before she turned 21! Even though she’s an athlete first, she also models and hopes to become Miss Universe.

Jacob Dalton, Gymnast - USA

Jacob Dalton

Jake is an American gymnast and member of the University of Oklahoma Gymnastics and the U.S. National Team. He represented the U.S .of A during the 2012 London Olympics. He recently ranked 2nd place at the men’s gymnastics floor exercise and the men’s team all-around.

Hope Solo, Soccer - USA

Hope Solo

Hope Amelia Solo, a two time Olympic gold medalist and also a World Cup gold medalist for the US Women’s Soccer Team. She is one of the top female goalkeepers in the world and has been playing professionally since 2003. “This is what my life is about. This is where my heart is, and this is where my passion lies.

Ricky Rubio, Basketball - Spain

Ricky Rubio

Ricky will take to the court this weekend and people are excited, most especially the women. Rubio is a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA. He also became the youngest player ever to play in the Spanish ACB League at the age of 14.

Anastasia Ashley, Surfer - USA

Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia grew up on the beaches of Hawaii and California. She had been swimming at the age of two, body boarding at the age of four, and was surfing by the age of six. She started competing when she was only seven years old and eventually went on to win over 200 amateur events.

Marcel Nguyen, Gymnast – Germany

Marcel Nguyen

This 28 year old German gymnast became an Olympic silver medalist after competing at the 2012 London Olympics. He’s also a soldier! Currently ranking as Corporal since July 2007 in the German Army.

AntonijaSandrić, Basketball – Croatia


As a young girl, Antonija played a variety of sports but was drawn to basketball as early in her teens and most especially from the influence of her older sister. She is 5’11 and has been playing professional basketball since 2005. She was named the most beautiful athlete at the 2012 London Olympics.

Tom Daley, Swimmer – UK

Tom Daley

This one’s for all the ladies and for all the men. Swimmer and television personality, Tom Daley, has identified himself as a bisexual and is open to have a relationship with a man or woman. "I don’t put a particular label on any of it because right now I’m in a relationship with a guy, but I still have sexual feelings towards girls."

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