This Chinese Boxer Embarrassingly Thought He Won the Olympic Boxing Match

Chinese boxer thought he won this Olympic match

Chinese boxer LV Bin went through many people's worst nightmare at the Rio Olympics when he mistakenly thought he won the match against Kenyan boxer Peter Warui. His hilarious overconfidence was broadcast worldwide live!

We all have worst nightmares. Mine is accidentally crapping my pants on public and shamefully laughed at by schoolkids. A very terrifying thought considering I like eating a lot of spicy food, which will then later explosively leave the body when it wants to. That personal nightmare might scare me, and I might even have to avoid public places for the next few months in fear that I might get recognized. But as long as nobody recorded that embarrassing moment, the day I crapped my pants on public will just become another urban legend.

But no matter how hard I try to avoid embarrassment, some people will always have it worse. Their nightmares become reality. Although seldom it might be to devastatingly occur at a historically huge event where billions of people watch and record for future archives, some people will always have the bad luck. China’s LV Bin might have not crapped his pants on the ring, but his embarrassing blunder surely showed how crappy a guy he seems.

During the largest sporting event in the world, LV Bin showed his overconfidence and prematurely gloated what he thought was his victory before the judges even made their decision. it’s hard to watch the video without feeling some of his pain. The judges made the final decision and Bin mistakenly starts celebrating a bit too early. Extremely confident in his success, Bin only realizes he has lost the match after Kenyan boxer Peter Warui begins cheering.

As painfully embarrassing it is for him, I believe a big lesson can be acquired from it. No matter how sure you are of winning, always stay humble and get ready to accept loss. The happiest feeling is when you realize you didn’t lose at all.

Looking at the bright side though, LV Bin can enjoy a successful career of becoming a new funny meme in the next few months on the internet!

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