Paramore’s After Laughter

Paramore’s new album is bubbly 80’s pop-rock created from loss and hopelessness.

After Laughter is the fifth studio album from the usually power pop alt rock band Paramore. The release of After Laughter marks the new chapter in their journey – bringing with them a new sound and attitude, their new album was not in any shape or form easy to make. This is a comeback project that really drained them and really saw them in the state where they did not know if they were still a band together.

Many people have come and left from Paramore over the years, many friendships were sacrificed. So the band asked themselves if continuing to make music together was still worth it at the end of the day. The answer was yes. That’s why we have After Laughter, a record which sees the comeback of drummer Zac Farro and then of course the introduction of Paramore’s new sound – a pastiche of 80’s pop rock created from loss and hopelessness.

After Laughter is an album that everyone should definitely hear at least once. Listen to the music of a band who has pieced themselves back together after some setbacks and then celebrating the newly mended friendship with sugary pop laughter.

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