Kong: Skull Island review

This epic movie shows Kong destroy helicopters and fight off monsters!

I saw Kong: Skull Island in IMAX

Seeing a movie in an IMAX theater is really expensive so I always want to make sure the movie is worth my buck. Just like any average person, I often hesitate to spend too much on things that might turn out to be crap. But I’m happy to say that seeing Kong: Skull Island on IMAX was a great choice. It was the most epic monster movie I’ve ever seen since 2014’s Godzilla.

But unlike Godzilla, the new Kong movie gives more screen time to its titular monster who wreaks havoc when helicopters try to bomb his island. While Godzilla might cut away from the action, in Kong you can see the monster fight off other monsters in fully glory!

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The human characters in the movie are boring, except maybe for Samuel L Jackson’s character who provokes an interesting conflict. The other characters in the movie fall flat, especially the one played by Tom Hiddleston. You could exchange Tom with any actor, and his character would still be dull. I think part of the problem was the script. The writers focused too hard on the action and special effects, that it forgot to give the characters some interesting personalities.

But you wouldn’t care about the character’s story anyway. The movie is about Kong, and the movie delivered him to us very well. We see a lot of him in the movie, unlike how we rarely see Godzilla in the previous one. We see him destroy helicopters, fight off ancient dinosaurs, and wrestle with a giant squid! The special effects are amazing as well. There are a lot of cool monsters on Skull Island and you need to see them now! Especially on IMAX!

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