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The Raiden is a speaker made by Dragon War and is best known by its quality.

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This Valentine’s day, experience the most tempting sin ever released in gameplay- lust.

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I have seen and tried my share of gaming mice however, the simplest one won my heart. 

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The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful console there is in the world!

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It’s time to put technology to practical use.

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Take your gaming to the competitive level and win it with the Hori Real Arcade Pro Fighting Stick.

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In Japan, the unimaginable happens.

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Even if we are surrounded by androids and iPhones, some of us still prefer to stay basic. 

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Remember when the most elegant phone was the Motorola Razr?

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Since drones are recently “in”, its best that we give you a review of the “easy to use” drone there is on the market.