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The biggest drawback of using the flash? The harsh and high-contrast light it produces.

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The Raiden is a speaker made by Dragon War and is best known by its quality.

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We have read about this on our newsfeed, and it seems that the police have figured out something useful with the drones, and it isn’t good news to unruly crowds or protesters.

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I have seen and tried my share of gaming mice however, the simplest one won my heart. 

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Weird name, right? But don’t get Jibo wrong. Jibo might be the most advanced plan so far.

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It’s time to put technology to practical use.

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Headphones are great you want to experience your music but cannot play it with a speaker however, not all headphones fit quite well to the taste of a person which is why one must know how to select the headphone right for him or her.

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In Japan, the unimaginable happens.

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Laptops are becoming more like a part of an individual's body; you bring it wherever you go.

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Remember when the most elegant phone was the Motorola Razr?