budbud magsaysay

Budbud, also known as suman in most Tagalog-speaking regions, is a sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves popular all over the Philippines. There are different variations of this sweet delicacy. One of them is the budbud Magsaysay popular in Leyte.

The budbud magsaysay is very distinct for two reasons. One is for its large proportion (about 8 inches long with a circumference of more than 5 inches) and for its chocolatey filling (melted tablea aka sikwate) that oozes out when you slice the budbud open.

Best eaten for breakfast or for merienda, the budbud magsaysay will not disappoint especially at the sight of the chocolate dripping off.  Sadly this budbud can only be bought in Leyte. However you can place orders of this delicious rice cake online.

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