Cebuano Food to Complete Your Sinulog Experience

Keep your strength up this Sinulog season with these very festive must-eat Cebuano food!

Sinulog is more than just about the colorful parades and wild street parties, it’s also about the Santo Niño, of course, and also about the good food you need to eat to keep up with the crazy weekend.

If you’re a tourist, or just someone who needs to completely experience Sinulog, then you have to check this list of Cebuano-recommended must-eats in the Queen City of the South.

5. Su-Tu-Kil

‘Sutukil’ stands for three methods of cooking in the Visayas region–“Su” short for sugba means to grill, “tu” came from the Cebuano word tula which means to stew, and “kil” stands for kilawin or cooking fish in vinegar. Sutukil restaurants basically refer to restaurants specializing in seafood dishes.

One of the best exotic dishes you should try is the Saang or spider shells, a common source of protein for seaside residents in the Visayas. These are best eaten fresh, by hands, dipped in vinegar and with puso (also called the hanging rice, a staple in Cebu).


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4. Barbecues and other Cebuano street food

One of the most popular food destinations in Cebu are the barbecue houses, a food center of sort filled with barbecue vendors offering a wide assortment of grilled meat and seafood. You can visit the Fuente Rotunda this Sinulog and you’ll get hundreds of options which barbecue store to buy at. You can also try other street food like kwek-kwek, fishballs, tempura, sweetcorn with condensed milk, and a lot more that you can find along the streets.


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3. Burgers, ribs, and steaks

Although burgers aren’t really Cebuanos’ they’re still a staple food during Sinulog. Along the streets you’ll find burger joints that offer juicy and scrumptious American favorites that will surely leave everyone’s palates wanting more.


#Review No último fds fomos conhecer o @pontadafacaoficial em Pinheiros. Na foto, o Tarantino: Burger de fraldinha grelhado 150g, queijo, bacon, cebola roxa e barbecue. De acordo com o cardápio da casa, os burgers são produzidos diariamente na casa e temperados na hora com sal de parrilla e pimenta moída na hora. __________________________________ ⠀ ?O que a gente achou: as definições de bacon crocante foram atualizadas! Mano, que bacon! MUITO crocante e saboroso mesmo! ?? O barbecue tem um gosto bem defumado, lembrou o do #Strumpf, mas não sei se era. A carne veio super no ponto, porém achamos que poderia ter um pouquinho mais de sal. __________________________________ ⠀ ?Ponto Alto: a casa é bem nova, super bem localizada em Pinheiros e no almoço tb serve pratos executivos que parecem deliciosos! Nota: ??? #burgerluv #pontadafaca #saopaulo

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I was pretty disappointed with my Logos Hope visit, there were very few fiction books left ? Nonetheless it is a happy place for bookworms (esp for Life/Inspirational book readers). ? Thank goodness for Blue Elephant and Serenitea for pulling up my night. BE Ribs (Super huge!), and Prawn Patties are to go back for! We didn't taste the Crabs in our Crab Fried Rice though, and the serving was small for a platter. But overall, with their fast serving time and good customer service, it's a 4. ? Emperor Milk Tea from Serenitea-- For Tea lovers, it's really great, as you can taste the tea itself, but for those who want their MT milky, I guess it isn't the one for you. Perhaps their other flavors will do. I have yet to try them. ? Hope these reviews help for other food lovers out there!?☺️?? #jonnieeats #whenincebu #foodforjonnie #cebueats #cebufood #foodblogging #foodie #cebusbest #foodporn #foodporncebu #foodblogger #instafoodie #foodstagram #foodreview #ceburestaurants #milkteacebu #ceburibs #serenitea #blueelephant #thaifood #milktea #randysinger #logoshope

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2. Chicharon

Deep fried pork rinds are best eaten while walking down the streets. It may not be that healthy, but it sure hell is good.

1. Cebu lechon

It doesn’t necessarily be a roasted pig .It can be chicken, fish… anything that can be roasted over coals,You name it… it is going to complete your Sinulog experience.

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