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Online's a jungle out there!

know your skin tone

Don't be deceived- there is something for everyone!


The timepiece series created to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion without compromising traditional craftsmanship arrives to Cebu in an affordable and trendy way.

Dark, glittery navy blue nails

We use and abuse our hands and feet on the daily- why not show them some love?

trend fashon

Fashion comes and goes but embarrassing moments last forever.

Festival Fashion

We've had our good times with them but we'll be happy to see them go!


The young industry new-comer's first eye shadow palette is now sold out so here are some alternatives to try in the meantime!

Timepiece Buying Guide

Here's a guide to make your purchase worth your time...and money.

Fashionable Instagram Users

If you're stuck in a rut, get some daily dose of inspiration at the comfort of your feed.

Runway Inspiration

It's that time of the year when we say bye-bye to swimwear!