2017 5 24 washday fashion main

School is back! Time to pick your Washday #OOTD’s.

Summer is almost over and school is just around the corner. Once again we welcome the sleepless nights, the long weekdays, the weekends gone in a blink of an eye, homework, teachers… just thinking about it can be so nauseating!

While high school students enjoy the hassle-free life of the horrible but inevitable Washday Wednesdays, college students are not spared. We are forced to answer the dreaded question of that one day in a week where we are free to wear anything but our school uniform (okay, maybe not ANYTHING but you get the point.) The question of our identity, our personality, who we are… that question that goes: “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TODAY?”

Okay, maybe guys get spared a little, what with throwing a shirt and pants (that may or may have not been washed for months) and all, but girls are no exceptions. Girls want to be able to express who they are through their clothes and that is why every Washday Wednesday is crucial.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” says Regina George. But for most girls, that’s not always the case. While we can wear whatever color to our heart’s content, apparently there are certain limitations because of the different universities’ dress codes. (Ba dum tss!)

So every Wednesday, the dilemma becomes: What do I wear that is both appropriate for school yet still remains a stylish enough #ootd for an Instagram school post?

Fear no more, we’ve collected a list of outfits that’s both school-appropriate while still totally Instagram worthy!