Running out of ideas for the upcoming weekend? Here are some of the best beauty gurus for some inspiration!

If you want to achieve a look, it won't be that hard thanks to tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, there are tons of beauty gurus to watch out for when it comes to tricks and tips of everyday beauty and some occasional glam. There are others, however, that specialize in the most gory if not scary special fx makeup! So if you want to do your own look yourselves, check out some personal recommendations below!


The Conjuring 2

This channel is run by professional special fx makeup artist Charlie Short. Short is pretty well known in the interwebs for his superb recreations of pop culture icons such as the Valak Ghost from The Conjuring 2, a Harry Potter Death Eater, The Mad Hatter and his creations on a decomposing zombie and a Jack Skellington. Aside from his creativity, he also has a knack of scaring people on Omegle and documenting these encounters in regular uploads. Do check him out!




Angie or Goldiestarling is also a very talented special fx makeup artist that can give you step-by-step how to's on how to create burns, cuts and bruises among many ultra-realistic sfx tutorials. There are also tutorials on the basics for aspiring sfx artists so if you want to go deeper into the craft, Angie is your girl! She also has her take on some horror pop culture icons too!




By the name itself, Glam&Gore's channel is a cross between the two. Mykie is a self-taught LA based professional beauty and special effects makeup artist. She also makes sfx makeup easy and has a series of how to become some of the most popular princesses in fiction...as well as how they'd die. Glam&Gore is a bundle of energy and talent so she's definitely worth watching!




Lex may be a young talent but her skills can definitely compete with the pros! Believe it or not Madeyewlook doesn't really use sfx appliances such as latex or blood- her looks are made with everyday makeup and body paint! Lex is pretty well-loved because of her passion to share her talent with others as well as her longtime charity commitments. Awwweee!


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