Dress Cool in a Hot Climate

When it comes to living here in the PH, it's summer all year 'round!

Even locals here can't stand the heat on some days...so if you're coming to the Philippines expect to ditch your woven and knit wear for lighter fabric and sandals. On days when we want to lounge in the mall or during a casual gathering, the urge to dress in shorts and t-shirts is strong. Not that it's a bad thing but when the occasion calls for it, we shouldn't lower our sartorial standards.

Choose lightweight fabrics.
Generally, natural fabrics are much lightweight and breathable compared to synthetic fabrics such as those used for sportswear. But manufacturing synthetic fabrics have come a long way so some are an exception. Make sure these are suited for hot weather.

Some points to consider:

  • Feel the weight of the cloth – it should feel light.
  • Hold it up to light – if you can see through it a bit, that’s a good sign.
  • Natural, light fabrics tend to dry faster – a bonus when you sweat.

Opt for loose tops and roomy dresses.
Tight clothing cling onto your skin and you guessed it- cling to your body making you sweat all the more.

Go for lighter colors!
Has your mom nagged you when you chose to wear black on a hot school day? Yo mama wasn't wrong on that one- dark colors absorb light and make you that much hotter while light colors reflect light and help keep you cool.

It's okay to wear closed shoes and socks.
Wearing flip flops and sandals especially in the summer are a logical choice, right? Well, wearing socks beneath closed shoes can have its perks too. Socks absorb sweat and having sweaty feet can damage the soles of your beloved sandals in the long run. Plus hot, exposed feet can make your body temperature hotter.

Ditch your backpack!
Whether you're in school or lug around your laptop and important documents on the go, having a backpack cling onto your back will make you feel hotter. If you've been on an outdoor trip, you'd notice that the back of your backpack would be damp and your back will feel cooler. Women ought to stick to crossbody bags or a tote while men can opt for a roomier sling bag.

Avoid too much embellishments and jewelry.
Embellishments especially on your top will make your clothing feel heavier and heavy (and tight) jewelry especially necklaces and bracelets can stick to your skin- and you wouldn't like that feeling of sweat trapped underneath your jewelry.

Don't re-wear your clothes.
This is true especially when it comes to jeans and cover-ups. Sweat, dirt, makeup residue and all that jazz are trapped onto your clothes regardless if they smell or not. Plus nothing beats the feeling of wearing fresh clothes!

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