Madonna Met Barack Obama

Finally, Madonna’s wish to meet President Barack Obama was granted and the super pop star was left awestruck.

 Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’ Weird Relationship

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus have exchanged weird but innocent shades at each other on social media over the years.

Justin Bieber’s remix One Dance

Canadian rapper Drake drops “One Dance” remix featuring amazing vocals by fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

Rihanna for Not Coming to a Gig

A Nigerian man and his production company were apparently scammed after they paid Rihanna to play for a concert and she did not show up.

james bond ent banner

It is official. Theo James of the Divergent series will be playing the iconic 007 agent. But is he the right choice?

Kesha Help a Couple Get Engaged

Kesha helped make a couple's dreams come true during an emotional onstage surprise engagement.

CARLAE BUZZ ent banner

The Canadian pop star is back in the studio recording new material with Blood Orange.

Axl Rose wants Google to take down

The Guns n Roses frontman has issued a DMCA takedown request to take down the infamous unflattering 2010 photograph of himself that became a viral meme called “Fat Axl

Niall Horan is in a New Boy Band

One Direction is falling apart. Zayn Malik left, and now Niall Horan has found a new exciting band to play with.

New James Bond was a HOAX

Bond fans are relieved to hear that their favorite contenders Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and even Tom Hiddleston are still up for confirmations to play the next James Bond.

White Hinterland

Meet the artist who sued Skrillex and Justin Bieber for “stealing” a sample of her song Ring the Bell.

Taylor Swift Surprises Wedding Couple

Despite being heartbroken due to her recent break-up with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift still made time to surprise a couple on their wedding day by singing Blank Space?

White ali BEATLES ent banner

Muhammad Ali was prepping for his big fight with Sonny Liston when The Beatles posed funny pictures with the late boxing legend in 1964. The fab four originally wanted to pose with Liston, not Ali because they thought he was a “loudmouth who’s going to lose”.