2016 Cannes Film Fest red carpet

Sometimes what happens on the Red Carpet is the actual show.

Adele Teases New Music Video on Twitter

The Brit diva will premier her music video for her new single Send My Love (To Your New Lover) at the end of the week.

Kesha’s performance is now approved

Kesha will now be allowed to pay tribute to her favorite songwriter at the BBMA this Sunday.

90’S Brit Bands

If you’re a beloved 1990’s British rock band, then there is no better time to release a new single than this year.

Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston

No, it’s not because Whitney Houston is dead, it’s because Houston’s estate said “it must be perfect!”

See One Direction Reunite On Family Guy

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson guest star on Family Guy where they camp out with Stewie Griffin.

Justin Timberlake Takes the Running Man

Just as the hype over Musical.ly has begun to wear off, the internet has created a new, obsessive trend.

mike artist of the week

The story behind the sad song I Took a Pill to Ibiza

Kesha Denied by Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records

It’s still uncertain that the legal battle warrior is allowed to perform at this year’s Billboard Music Awards after Dr. Luke’s record label “rescinded its approval”.

Tyga & Kylie Jenner Split

And they say that it's "for good" this time.